Ad-hoc Services

Carpet Shampooing

Carpets are made from delicate material that needs to be treated with proper care.

As part of our carpet shampooing service, a high foam detergent preparation is used for rotary brush cleaning, and a stain repellent is applied to the carpet’s surface.

We follow a two-step process to clean your carpet:

  • Hot water extraction (for deep cleaning)
  • Bonneting (for surface cleaning)

This ensures that your carpet remains fresh, clean and odour-free for the next few months to come.


Upholstery Shampooing

Leave the cleaning of your sofas, couches and other upholstery to us, as our staff takes over.

As highly skilled and knowledgeable cleaning technicians, the training provided ensures that they know what are the appropriate cleaning materials to be used on various types of fabric on your chairs, settees, curtains, and more.

Our environmentally friendly practices keep your sofas and couches fresh, and free of odours.


Hard-flooring Maintenance

Different types of hard-floor surfaces require different methods of maintenance.

You don’t want to risk using the wrong type of polish or treatment on your flooring, only to compromise its lifespan.

Our cleaners are highly adept at treating and polishing your hard-flooring with the appropriate agents that will prolong the lifespan of your flooring, as well as keep up the fresh appearance that looks as if it is new.

We are capable of maintaining and polishing vinyl floors, ceramic floors, concrete floors and marble floors.


Pressure Washing

Do you have some stubborn, hard-to-remove stains on your floors, walkways or sidewalks?

We provide pressure washing services that will help to remove these stains that will not come off with regular washing.

Our pressure washing services also cover house exteriors, drainage and patios.


Disinfecting & Sanitization Services

Disinfect and sanitize soft and hard surface using appropriate cleaning and disinfectant products which is safe to human, pets and environment.

As part of Covid-care solution, sanitizing fogger machine is used to eliminate odour instantly and kill harmful microorganisms for both residential and commercial properties like offices, retail outlets, childcare centres, schools, gym/fitness clubs.